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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  I'm not sure what size and how many to order, what should I do?
  • You aren't alone, we come across this all the time.
  • We will quote you a range of sizes and quantities to help you compare, and so you can budget your decision making
  • We will do artwork at several sizes so you can see how it will look
  • If we are producing domestically we can always add more medals at the last minute (about 2 weeks before the Event date), so every runner gets a medal.
 2.  What is the process for ordering?
  • It is quite simple, and we'll walk you through the process
  • We take your design and turn it into a Colored Rendering or Virtual Sample for your approval.
  • After we receive your information on our Customer Information form we prepare a Confirmation showing the details of your order. This confirmation includes prices, descriptions, in-hands date etc.
  • After any changes to the artwork or Confirmation are done and you give final approval we produce your order and ship UPS to meet your Event date.
 3.  How do I submit my design or artwork?
  • When it comes to artwork, we can do as much of the design process as you wish.
  • If you are like the organizers of most events, you spend more time running than drawing. No problem, we have a bunch of artists ready to create a special medal for your event.
  • If you already have an artist handy, they can create everything for you and send us the files - this might save a bit of money.
  • The final production artwork has to be a Vector art file - most people don't have the software to create that sort of file. However, you can send us whatever you have and our artists can figure it out and work with it.
  • If you aren't an artist, just try and send us the best information that you have - if you have a copy of a logo (perhaps from a flyer or business card), then send it along. If you only have a rough sketch, that is a good starting point. If you have some photos, just send us something clear and big - the bigger the better. If there is something on a website that you want to reference, just send us the link.
  • Whatever you have, don't worry, we can figure it out and get you what you want.
  • In terms of file formats, we can work with EPS, AI, JPG, TIFF, CDR and PDF.
  • Of course, depending on what you send, there may be some artwork charges - we will quote on it and let you know.
 4.  How do I know what my item will look like?
  • You will receive a Colored Rendering or Virtual Sample for your approval of the piece before it goes to production.
  • You will also receive black and white art which makes the details and design nice and clear. Any of the black areas are raised, and the white areas are recessed metal.
  • In most cases when it comes to the white areas, we can add antiquing and/or epoxy color fill if you design requires.
 5.  Can I add color to the piece?
  • We have a set of standard colors (see here)
  • Specific colors can be matched as closely as possible if required
  • Transparent (see through) colors can be used for certain hightlights, such as water
 6.  What color ribbons are available?
  • Stock colors can be seen on the website (see here)
  • Custom colors are available.
  • Ball chains can be used in place of ribbons to create a Dog Tag look
 7. Can I have custom printed ribbons?
  • Custom printed satin ribbons are available with a short lead time
  • Custom printed Gross Grain ribbons are also available. Quantity requirements are higher for these ribbons and they have a longer lead time, as they are made off-shore.
  • Thinner lanyards are also available
 8.  I have heard that you have gone “green”
  • We now use lead free Zinc & Pewter exclusively to make our products. Zinc is lead free & lighter than the previous base metal used and this can save in shipping costs
  • Environmentally friendly finishes are available on many products, reducing the effects of the associated chemicals & emissions in plating.
  • Wherever possible we bulk pack items to reduce the number of poly bags required.
  • We offer to recycle any unused products so they do not go into landfill
 9.  I have a rush that I need in 2 weeks, can it be done?
  • We can produce a custom medal or other products very quickly to meet your event date
  • You will have to move quickly to provide art files and details of your order
  • We will make suggestions as to the fasted way we can make the item - such as finishes, size and ribbons.
  • Expedited shipping may be required.
  • We can work miracles depending on the product and how busy the factories are, so do not be hesitant in asking if we can meet your short deadline
10.  My item is very different to any thing I see on the website - can you make it?
  • In many years of making products, we have made some very different item out do metal and other products such as PVC medals.
  • We can look at your request and suggest ways we can make the product to meet your needs
  • Between our domestic factories and off shore factories we are confident that we can make your item
11.  Do you make medals in North America and China?
  • We produce products domestically and from China
  • Domestically we can produce faster and do smaller quantities
  • When the quantity is large and there is Epoxy colors in the design, we will often have them made off shore.
  • Off shore lead times are generally longer, so you will have to start earlier.
12.  What is the largest piece you can make?
  • We can make a medal (such as a wrestling belt medallion or a police podium medallion) up to 6.00" in diameter
  • Our method of manufacturing does not allow us to make any larger
13.  How do you ship & can you ship any where
  • We norWe normally use UPS for all our shipments
  • We can ship anywhere in the world.
  • We can ship using other methods (like truck freight) depending upon the circumstances and the customers requirements.
14. How do I pay for my order?
  • Our normal terms are Visa, Master Card or Amex
  • We charge 50% at the time of order and the balance including shipping, when we ship
  • You can also use PayPal at:
15.  I have other items that I need for the Event, can you supply them?
  • Key tags, buckles and lapel pins are other products many race directors are using to award finishers, volunteers and spectators.
  • We can also provide thousands of items (such as water bottles, plaques, mugs etc) that we can supply with you logo/medal art. Please provide details of your requirements and we will provide pricing.
16.  What types of overall, age category & winner awards can you supply?
  • We can We can do a medal similar to the finishers medal but slightly larger and with a recessed area on back into which a clear  printed label is inserted with the category information.  Because the label is clear and it fits into a recessed area it looks very professional and like it was printed for the recipient.
  • We can add a casted base to your age category medals which all the recipient to stand up their medal for display purposes. The medal can have an area on the back for the label (see previous point)
  • We can do medallion wood plaques where we produce a medallion (without the loop) and place it on a wood plaque. An engraved plate is added below with the category information
17.  Can we have additional copy sponsor logos etc on back of medal?
  • Yes, the back side can have anything you want on it.
  • In order to simplify what is on the front, it sometimes makes sense to move the date, sponsor, etc to the back.
  • This does not affect the price of each medal. There is only a small set up charge.
18.  We have several different events in addition to the main race, how does this work?
  • Your prices are based on the total of EACH event, HOWEVER, if you require 500 pieces for the Marathon, 1500 pieces for the Half Marathon, and 500 for the 10k, then you will receive a discount reflecting these quantities.
19.  I am an Event Organizing Company that has a number of events over the year. Is there special pricing if you supply all the medals?
  • Your prices prices will be based on the total of all events over the year, with a discount reflecting these quantities.
  • For example: if you require 500 pieces for a March event, 1500 pieces for an May event, and 500 for Sept event, then you will receive a discount reflecting these quantities. You will not have to order them all at once - just make the commitment
Domestic or Offshore - we source what is best for you

Please see our pages of Attachments, Ribbons, Printed Cards and Packaging

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