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Jewelry Cast:
  • This is the process by which most fine jewelry is made. It can be used to produce two-dimensional items such as lapel pins, as well as, more complicated 3-D items like custom shaped rings, pendants, etc… 
  • The selected metal, i.e. brass, sterling silver or gold, is injected into a cast that has been created using a "loss-wax" process to produce the shape of the item. 
  • Then, if required, the items can be plated to complete the process.

Hard Enamel:
  • In the industry of promotional products, this is the high-end pin, referred to as "Cloisonné". 
  • It is a die-struck process with the use of special colors containing glass particles. 
  • The finished item is hard baked using an open flame and buffed to give it the smooth hardened quality it provides. 
  • The best alternative for a customer looking for high quality, without paying precious metal prices.
  • * Cloisonné "PLUS+", a process similar to "Cloisonné", allows PMS color matching, so you get the highest quality and your choice of colors!

Soft Enamel:
  • Similar to "Hard-Enamel", other than the colors used are standard epoxy and are allowed to dry and harden naturally. 
  • This process does however permit the customer to color-match using the Pantone Matching System (PMS), and is normally less expensive than hard enamel.

Die Struck / Polish:
  • This process starts in similar fashion to "Hard-Enamel", but is usually a term used to define items without any epoxy colors added. 
  • It calls for a little more attention in the striking process, as most pins in this category have large areas to be sandblasted and carefully hand polished.

Offset Printed:
  • For complicated color and shading, the design is usually created using offset printing and process colors. 
  • This allows high quality reproduction of complicated originals in high-end magazine quality of printing. 
  • For durability, the design is normally protected with a clear epoxy dome.

Screen Print:
  • For simpler, multi-colored designs, where you do not wish to see the colors separated by fine metal borders, the "screen" printed process is ideal. 
  • Using this process allows specific color-matching while providing the fine detail and close color registration quite often required to reproduce many corporate logos. 
  • A clear epoxy dome is sometimes applied for additional durability.

Spin Cast:
  • Using centrifugal-casting and a rubber mould, items are created without incurring the substantial die-charges associated with metal die-cast or die-struck processes. 
  • Two or three-dimensional products can be created at very affordable prices even in low quantities. 
  • Casting is done in a base metal to minimize cost, or in Fine Pewter to provide a high-end product suited to 'Recognition and Award' programs, as well as 'Costume Jewelry' industry.
  • PMS color matching is available, and quick turnarounds are common.

Die Striking:
  • A classic process of manufacturing, when the event or promotion call for something extra special. 
  • The process begins as a craftsman creates your design in a soft piece of steel that is then hardened. 
  • Then this "die" is used to strike the softer metal, normally brass in this industry, to transfer your design to the material, which is then finished in a selection of bright and antique colors. 
  • High quality finish, suited to "Special Events" where the cost of the steel die and set-ups can be justified.

  • An alternative to die-struck and spin-cast processes, especially where volume is substantial or additional durability is a requirement in the product. 
  • The design is crafted into steel to form a cavity in the middle of a two-sided die, where molten metal, usually zinc, is injected to create the item. 
  • Once formed, the die is opened, allowing the item to be removed for finishing in a variety of plating colors. 
  • Best used in cases of high volume to take advantage of the slightly faster production process and reduced costs associated with zinc material.
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