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Custom Printed Lapel Pins

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  • Minimum quantity 500 pieces
  • "MultiPrint" Pins
    • Full color, printed pins on metal finding.
    • Reproduces difficult originals in high-end magazine quality of print, all protected with a clear epoxy dome (includes 4 colors).
  • "PhotoReal" Pins
    • Photographic reproduction of your full color image in all of its original quality, protected and enhanced with a clear epoxy dome for a 3-D effect. 
  • "Screen Accent" on Enamel
    • Printed pins available on Hard and Soft Enamel Pins.
    • Reproduces four color designs with small detail on a quality enamel background, without metal borders separating colors.
  • Set-up is charged once per design.
  • Standard: Military clutch fastener and individually poly bagged.
  • Delivery: 4 - 6 weeks
  • Additional Colors - Available for a nominal charge.

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